7 Days, 7 Delicious: Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes

Try one of these seven nutritious Indian breakfast ideas to kickstart your day with a tasty and nourishing meal.

Ragi Dosa

A dosa free of gluten, prepared using ragi flour, spices, and veggies.

Sprouts Salad

a light-dressed salad containing veggies, sprouts, and other nutritious ingredients.


Parathas are whole wheat flatbreads filled with paneer or vegetables.

Moong Dal Chilla

A pancake full of protein that is cooked with spices, veggies, and moong dal.

Vegetable Upma

delicious vegetable-and spice-infused semolina porridge.


a dish for breakfast that is light and fluffy and is created with spices, veggies, and flattened rice.

Oats Idli

A more nutritious version of the classic idli, made with veggies, semolina, and oats.