A Taste of Mumbai: 6 Unforgettable Street Food Delights

Here, we've carefully chosen a few of our favorite street dishes from Mumbai that are not only delicious but also easily prepared at home.


Dabeli, typically served with roasted peanuts, pomegranate, and chatpata tamarind chutney, is arguably the second most popular pav-based dish in Mumbai.

Veg Frankie Roll

The city's unique take on the roll, known as the "Frankie roll," is made with vegetables or chicken.

Tawa Pulao

Tawny pulao, to put it simply, is fried rice prepared in the desi way with lots of vegetables and pav bhaji masala for flavor.

Masala Toast

Mumbai's well-known masala toast is a sandwich that gets a desi twist by adding green chutney, masala, aloo, and other ingredients.

Chana Chaat

Boiled black chana is used to make chana chaat. It is then combined with chopped onion, tomato, green chili, lemon,

Chana Chaat

and coriander leaves after being tossed in masala.

Pav Bhaji

We instantly think of pav bhaji when we think about street cuisine in Mumbai. This meal epitomizes decadence, served with a butter-toasted pav and spicy bhaji.