A Taste of Tradition: 7 Unforgettable Dishes in Qatar

Here is a list of seven well-known Qatari meals that you should definitely try.


Majboos, a fragrant rice dish, is considered the national food of Qatar and is enjoyed throughout the Persian Gulf.


The term "shawarma" is a traditional way of preparing meat that entails placing a sizable portion of meat—typically lamb, hog,


chicken, or beef—onto a vertical spit and roasting it for several hours, sometimes even days.


Cumin, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, and other warm, comforting spices are used to season this spicy porridge meal made with chicken and wheat.


Balaleet is a vermicelli noodle dish that is delicate and crunchy, sweetened with honey, cardamom, rose water, 


and saffron, and topped with an egg omelet. It is both sweet and savory.

Oum Ali

This treat, which is often referred to as "Middle Eastern pudding,"

Oum Ali

is a creamy sweet pudding made with puffed pastry that is flavored with sugar, a variety of dried fruits, and nuts.


Saloona is a straightforward stew of meat and vegetables that is frequently prepared as a cozy home-cooked supper using chicken, beef, or lamb.

Warak Enab

Qataris love Warak Enab, a special delicacy made with chopped zucchini and lamb meat wrapped in steamed grape leaves.