Eight of the Most Gorgeous Lakes in the Bend, Oregon, Area

Crane Prairie Reservoir

renowned for its glistening clean waters and encircled by verdant trees, providing great spots for fishing.

Sparks Lake

This lake, which is tucked away in the Cascade Mountains, is well-known for its breathtaking vistas of the mountains and calm ambience.

Todd Lake

A serene alpine lake with lovely surrounds that is ideal for trekking and taking in the relaxing surroundings.

Devils Lake

This lake, surrounded by old-growth forest, provides hikers with serene surroundings and hiking trails.

Elk Lake

Elk Lake is a well-liked location for camping and water sports because of its crystal-clear waters and picturesque surroundings.

Suttle Lake

A picturesque lake with options for boating, fishing, and lazing by the lake, encircled by evergreen trees.

Cultus Lake

Cultus Lake, which has sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters, is a wonderful place to swim and have a picnic.

Wickiup Reservoir

Wickiup Reservoir is a sizable reservoir with a variety of sceneries that is well-liked for fishing, boating, and bird watching.