Hearty Vegetable Dishes that Can Feel Like Comfort Food

These seven veggies are excellent substitutes for meat!

Sweet Potatoe

It might not seem like potatoes have much to offer as meat substitutes. However, the modest sweet potato may readily fit into any recipe.


Beets are frequently utilized by plant-based meats to create the appearance of a "bleeding" patty. They can be turned into a high-protein burger.


In recent years, jackfruit has become increasingly popular. Because of its stringy texture, it's the ideal substitute for pulled pork or shredded chicken.


Vegans have always loved aubergine, but done incorrectly, it can taste like a slimy mess. To be honest, grilling an eggplant is not the same as grilling a steak.


A common meat substitute that is surprisingly adaptable is cauliflower.


Carrots Rich in beta carotene, fiber, and vitamin K1, carrots aren't just for bunnies. In addition,


they are comparatively low in calories and may potentially lower the risk of cancer.


Technically speaking, mushrooms are fungi rather than vegetables. However, they are a fantastic substitute for meat and are available in a range of forms.