Must visit these beautiful places of Uttarakhand

There are many beautiful and charming places to visit in Uttarakhand where you can spend your summer holidays.

Uttarakhand is the first choice to visit in India to see the high hills and natural beauty which attracts people towards itself.

Here we will tell you about some such places where you can enjoy the natural beauty and weather.


This is a beautiful hill station which is also called the Queen of Hills. This hill station was built by the British.


This is a beautiful district of Uttarakhand state where the environment attracts people towards itself.


This is a famous tourist destination of Uttarakhand where there are many natural places to visit from where you can see beautiful views.


This is a picturesque hill station which is known for its peaceful environment. Many people from all over the country and abroad come to visit here.


This hill station is located in Rudraprayag of Uttarakhand, natural beauty and beautiful views can be seen here.