Shining Bright: Your Top Vegan Sources of Vitamin D

We'll look at the top plant-based sources of vitamin D to keep you robust and healthy while you transition to veganism.

We'll demonstrate how simple it is to obtain your recommended daily intake of Vitamin D without sacrificing your morals, using everything from mushrooms to fortified meals.

Sunflower Seed

About 7 percent of your daily required dose of vitamin D can be found in one ounce of sunflower seeds.


One hundred grams of tofu can provide up to sixteen percent of the daily required amount of vitamin D.

Fortified Cereal

Seek cereals with a minimum of 10% of the daily required amount of vitamin D per serving.

Fortified Plant Milk

A lot of plant milks, including almond and soy milk, are vitamin D fortified.

Fortified Plant Milk

Not all plant milks are fortified, so make sure the type you select has vitamin D by reading the label.


When mushrooms are exposed to sunshine or UV light, they become an even more abundant source of vitamin D.