The Greatest Front Yard Low-Maintenance Landscape Designs

Native Plants

Select native shrubs and plants that are adapted to the climate of your area and that, once established, require little care and water.


To help conserve moisture, discourage weeds, and lessen the need for regular watering, cover the bare soil surrounding plants with mulch.


Use low-maintenance plants like cacti, succulents, gravel, and rocks to create a landscape that can withstand drought.

Perennial Gardens

Plant shrubs and flowers that are perennials to minimize the need for annual replanting and to provide year-round texture and color.

Artificial Turf or Drought-Resistant Grass

You might want to install artificial turf or low-maintenance grass species

Artificial Turf or Drought-Resistant Grass

that can withstand drought conditions and require less fertilizer, mowing, and watering.

Hardscaping Elements

Use hardscaping elements to create visual appeal and reduce the amount of space that needs to be maintained, such as walkways, rocks, or pavers.

Raised Garden Beds

To improve drainage, lessen soil compaction, and facilitate weed management, build raised planting beds.

Grouping Plants by Water Needs

Plants with comparable water requirements should be grouped together to provide more effective watering techniques and lower maintenance.

Low-Maintenance Trees

Choose trees that grow slowly or take little care, such as certain kinds of evergreens, as they shed their leaves less frequently and require less pruning.

Automatic Irrigation System

Put in an automated sprinkler system or drip irrigation with a timer to water plants effectively and minimize hand labor.