There are great places to visit in India at this time definitely visit

If you are fond of traveling and visiting new places, then you should definitely visit Madhya Pradesh, India.

Many beautiful tourist places to visit in Madhya Pradesh are huge buildings, forts and historical temples.

Here we will tell you about some famous places of Madhya Pradesh, where your mind will be filled with joy.


It is the capital of Madhya Pradesh where there are many tourist places. It is very famous for its beautiful palaces and mansions.


This is a beautiful temple which is included in the World Heritage. There is a crowd of people to see the artwork painted on the temple.

Fort of Gwalior

This is an ancient and historical place of Madhya Pradesh. Jai Vilas Mahal and Sun Temple are very popular here.

Kanha National Park

This place is very famous for wildlife lovers. This national park is included in the big parks of India.


This place is the great stupa established by Emperor Ashoka where many Buddhist caves and temples are located.


It is a historical city of Madhya Pradesh which is quite popular for its ancient forts, temples and palaces.


This is a beautiful hill station which is a paradise for nature lovers. The natural beauty here attracts people towards itself.


This is a beautiful place in Madhya Pradesh where there are more than 500 rock shelters and caves which have beautiful paintings.