Travis Hunter to miss several weeks with injury, says Deion Sanders

Following a thrilling victory against Colorado State, Colorado coach Deion Sanders shared his thoughts on the versatile talent of Travis Hunter.

In the opening half of the game, Hunter suffered an injury and was subsequently hospitalized. Despite making a comeback after a late and brutal hit,

he was deemed unfit to continue after a thorough assessment in the locker room. Initially, the nature of the injury was uncertain. 

Sanders disclosed that Hunter would be sidelined for approximately two weeks.

"I believe Coach Ray is heading to the hospital to check on him," Sanders commented after the game. "Initially, I heard he might be out for a few weeks. That's what I heard.

However, we will prioritize his well-being. To me, Travis is like an open book. While he may want to sit out for two weeks, his health takes precedence over the game.

During the first half of the 43-35 double-overtime triumph, a pass interference call on the defender thwarted Hunter's attempt to catch a Shedeur Sanders pass on a deep route along the left sideline.

However, as the ball descended in front of Hunter, Henry Blackburn delivered a fierce hit.

Hunter remained on the sidelines following this altercation. Colorado swiftly responded, tying the game at 14 with a long touchdown pass from Sanders,

and Hunter returned to the field as a cornerback late in the first quarter. In the game, Hunter recorded two receptions for a total of 21 yards and registered one tackle.