Untouched Paradise: Unveiling the Best of Lakshadweep

Agatti Island

A wonderland of coral with breathtaking lagoons.

Bangaram Atoll

well-known for its immaculate coral reefs and beaches.


The capital, exhibiting the customs of the Lakshadweep people.

Minicoy Island

well-known for its marine life and lighthouse.

Kadmat Island

a calm location with clean waters for aquatic activities.

Kalpeni Island

Abundant in marine life, ideal for snorkeling.


An island off the coast with an amazing coral reef.

Suheli Par

a remote island renowned for its avian population.

Pitti Island

a sanctuary containing a variety of bird species for birdwatchers.

Andrott Island

Home of the well-known Buddhist archeological site is Andrott Island.