Unveiling Maharashtra's Gems: 7 Must-See Destinations

The best places to go on vacation in Maharashtra are listed here.


Situated in the shadow of Sahyadri, at an elevation of 800 meters above sea level, this spot is a popular summer getaway for urbanites.


Hindu mythology mentions the city's numerous ancient temples, but above all, it's well-known for hosting India's revered Kumbha Mela once every twelve years.


One of the greatest vacation spots in Maharashtra for a honeymoon is Mahabaleshwar. Perched 1,353 meters above sea level, it boasts an abundance of picturesque vistas.


One of the most popular tourist destinations in Maharashtra is the charming hill station of Lonavala, which is located in the Western Ghats.


This is the perfect weekend escape in Maharashtra.


One of Maharashtra's most popular tourist destinations is Aurangabad. The fact that Aurangabad is the tourism hub of Maharashtra attests to the treasures that lie ahead.


Pune, the home of the Peshwas, is one of Maharashtra's most well-liked vacation spots.


The town's rich history and culture have made it important since Chattraptyai Shivaji's time.


Mumbai, one of Maharashtra's top vacation spots, is a bustling metropolis in India. Maharashtra's capital is a city that never sleeps.