Unveiling the Magic of India in June: Must-Visit Destinations


Explore Goa's vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife, all combine to make it the perfect place for a restorative holiday.


Explore the vibrant markets, luxurious palaces, and forts of the Pink City, which offer a glimpse into Rajasthan's fascinating past.


Enjoy a peaceful journey surrounded by lush tea plantations, rolling hills, and breathtaking landscapes.


Savor the aromatic tea estates, breathtaking views of the Himalayas, and vintage charm of Darjeeling, West Bengal.


Discover the enchanting allure of Udaipur, also known as the City of Lakes, with its tranquil lakes, enchanting palaces, and breathtaking architecture.


See Shimla, which is nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. With its classic beauty and charming colonial atmosphere,


 it provides breathtaking vistas and nice weather in March.

Andaman Islands

Savor the sparkling waters, pristine beaches, and a wealth of marine life that combine to provide the ideal tropical retreat for exploration and relaxation.