Unveiling the Mystique: 10 Intriguing Facts about Kalkaji Mandir

The Mahabharata is connected to the significance of the Kalkaji Temple.

There are rumors that Aurangzeb once destroyed the Kalkaji temple.

Among the other Gods that you can worship here is Goddess Kali, who is rather noticeable.

Mundan ceremony

One of the Hindu ceremonies is the first-ever hair cut for a newborn, which takes place in this location.

The only temple that remains open during a solar eclipse is Kalkaji Mandir.

Kalkaji Mandir Rutuals

The morning aarti and the goddess Kali's milk bath are the first rituals performed at Kalkaji Mandir.

Kalkaji Mandir Metro Station

The closest metro station in Delhi for devotees is Kalkaji Mandir.

Kalkaji Mandir Timings

It is open from 4 AM to 10 PM every day of the week.

Kalkaji Mandir Location

It is located across from Nehru Place in the South Delhi neighborhood of Kalkaji.