Weekly Horoscope December 11 to December 17 2023

Weekly horoscope for december 11 to december 17 2023 for all zodiac signs. you can get here full weekly horoscope with deep analysis.


With the full sight of the Moon, there is a possibility of attaining wealth, prosperity, glory and success. Bravery will be great and there will be happy news from all sides. You may face some problems on Wednesday and Thursday. There will also be excess expenditure. Time will become favorable on Friday and Saturday.


The sixth moon will keep life completely organized. Income will increase on Wednesday and Thursday and good news will be received. There is a possibility of some financial loss on Friday. Be careful. There is a possibility of trouble in work also. Be careful. There may also be hindrances in work. There is a possibility of organizing a festival in the family on Saturn.


The fifth moon will increase the chances of profit. You will feel positive energy within yourself and will get happiness from your children. Wednesday and Thursday will bring success in every work. Some big achievement can also be achieved on Friday and Saturday. There will be improvement in work.


The beginning of the week will be normal. Income will be less and work will be more. You will get success from all sides as the Moon becomes favorable from Tuesday and Wednesday. The controversies will end on Thursday. Friends and relatives will be supportive. There will be a feeling of sadness on Friday and Saturday.

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Third Moon will increase bravery. Will get support from brothers. Moon will create hindrance in income on Tuesday and Wednesday. Negative thoughts may dominate. There will be improvement from Thursday. You will get happiness and support from children on Friday and Saturday. Income will improve.

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There are chances of profit from permanent property from the second Moon. There will be victory in court cases. Bravery will be best for Mercury and Jupiter. Will be in a better position than peers. There is a possibility of improvement in the situation from Friday and Saturday, however, you may feel disappointed due to not getting work as per your qualifications.


The transit of Moon will be favorable in every way. There will also be chances of success in land related matters. You may get some disturbing news in the workplace on Thursday and Friday. The plan may fail. Saturday is expected to go well.


Moon is transiting in the twelfth house of the zodiac. At this time, success will come after obstacles. Tuesday to Thursday is completely Favourable. This will increase dominance. You will get a chance to participate in social and religious programs. There will be an increase in permanent wealth on Friday and Saturday.


There will be a slow start in the beginning, but the income will remain good. Time will be spent happily on Monday and Tuesday. Due to Moon being on twelfth day on Wednesday and Thursday, work will start getting done faster. Will cause delay in purchasing new property. Will consider buying again from Friday.


The tenth Moon will create chances of economic progress. You will get pleasant and surprising results. There are chances of getting success from all sides inside and outside the house. There will be an increase in income on Wednesday and Thursday. Politicians may get positions on Friday and Saturday.


There will be chances of getting new work today. Income will increase on Monday and Tuesday. With Wednesday and Thursday being completely Favourable, you will get success. Friends will be helpful and support will be received from all sides. You will receive pleasant information on Friday and Saturday.


Moon being in the eighth house at the beginning of the week will cause excess expenditure. There will be successes from Tuesday. There will be benefits from the government. The economic base will remain strong. You will also be superior to your peers. Thank God. Will get support from father. And there is more work on Saturday.

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