Todays Horoscope 25 December 2023

Weekly horoscope December 18 to December 23 lucky Week

Weekly horoscope December 18 to December 23 2023 for all zodiac signs. you can get here full weekly horoscope with deep analysis.


There will be excess of work. Will get support from father. Plans will be successful and contacts will be made with eminent people. The circumstances on Tuesday and Wednesday are creating a profitable situation. Be peaceful on Thursday and Friday. Saturday will be a great day.

Taurus Horoscope
Taurus Horoscope


Due to the ninth moon, financial crunch will go away. Luck will be Favourable. You will get a chance to go out with friends on Wednesday and Thursday. Will meet influential people. Venus and Saturn will gain money. Debt related matters will be resolved.

Gemini horoscope
Gemini horoscope


There will be problems in the beginning and problems with vehicle etc. may arise due to excess expenditure. There may also be disputes. Good yoga has been formed from Wednesday and Thursday. Income will increase and support will also be received. There will be joy as special work gets done on Friday and Saturday.

Aries to Aries Compatibility


Full sighting of the Moon will be beneficial. Aspiration for higher position will be fulfilled. Some people may be angry with the working style on Wednesday and Thursday, but good results will also bring praise. Time will improve on Friday and Saturday. You will also receive money and support.


There will be ambiguity in thoughts due to the sixth moon. There will be a decrease in enthusiasm for new work. Don’t depend too much on others. You will get happiness on Wednesday and Thursday. There will be a possibility of travel. You will get good news. You will not be able to do whatever you want on Friday and Saturday.


You will get happiness and support from children. Income will remain good and good news will be known. Laziness on Wednesday and Thursday can spoil your work. You may receive pleasant and surprising information on Friday and Saturday. Relations with family and children will improve.


There may be failure in some work in the beginning. Financial profits will increase from Tuesday evening. Wednesday will also be better than usual. Will be successful in getting possible profits on Thursday. There may be more worries on Friday and Saturday.


Valor will be best on Sun, Mon and Tuesday. Will get support from brothers. Income will remain good. The mind will remain indifferent on Wednesday and Thursday. There will be more hard work and less income. There is a possibility of getting some great happiness on Friday and Saturday.


The second moon will increase the impact along with economic benefits and the standard of living will also improve. There are chances of receiving good news on Wednesday and Thursday. Feelings of disappointment will prevail on Friday and Saturday. The mood will be disturbed and the feeling of respect towards others will end.


Wasting time in useless things will cause irritation. However, you will be in Moon sign, hence there will be no shortage of money. Stay away from tempting schemes. Will feel normal on Wednesday and Thursday. Will receive cooperation. The effect will increase on Friday and Saturday.

Daily Horoscope


In the beginning you may be troubled by overcrowding. There will be excess expenditure. There will be meetings with upper class people on Wednesday and Thursday. May be attracted towards new tasks. Income will increase. You will get material happiness and support on Friday and Saturday.


Income will be received from the eleventh moon. There will be excess of work. Plans will be successful. Moon will give impractical performance on Wednesday and Thursday. Work with patience, otherwise work may get spoiled. Time will improve on Friday and Saturday. Stuck money will be recovered.

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