Chambal River Front

Chambal RiverFront Kota: A Journey Through Time & Majesty

Chambal River Front Kota – India’s first heritage river front

Chambal River Front, developed on the banks of Chambal River in Kota city of Rajasthan, is India’s first heritage river front. This river front has cost around Rs 1,400 crore to develop and is known for holding many world records including the world’s largest Nandiji, the largest marble statue of Chambal Mata, the world’s largest bell, etc. .

The Chambal River Front is approximately 6 kilometers in length and has 22 ghats. These ghats have been designed reflecting Indian culture and traditions. For example, Rajputana Ghat showcases the architecture and culture of 9 regions of Rajasthan, while Brahma Ghat houses the world’s largest bell.

The Chambal River Front also has a LED Garden, a Buland Darwaza, a Mukut Mahal and a Silicon Valley. All these attractions have been developed with modern technology and facilities.

Chambal River Front has become an important tourist destination for Kota. It is not only a place of entertainment for the residents of the city but also a center of attraction for tourists coming from within the country and abroad.


  • Key Features of Chambal River Front Kota
  • India’s first heritage river front
  • About 6 kilometers long and with 22 ghats
  • Home to the world’s largest Nandiji, the largest marble statue of Chambal Mata and the world’s largest bell.
  • Modern attractions like LED Garden, Buland Darwaza, Mukut Mahal and Silicon Valley
  • Center of entertainment and attraction for tourists
  • How to reach Chambal River Front Kota?

Chambal River Front is located at a distance of about 5 kilometers from the railway station of Kota city. You can easily reach here by autorickshaw or taxi. Apart from this, regular bus service is also available to the river front. From here you can see spectacular views of Chambal river.

Best time to visit Chambal River Front Kota

The best time to visit Chambal River Front Kota is from July to March. The weather is pleasant during this time and you can enjoy all the attractions of the river front. Because in April, May and June the temperature of Kota city remains above 40 degrees. Still, you can still come to visit at this time.

You can register yourself online and book tickets by visiting the site and filling the full form. From here you will get the tax code. Which will be applicable only for one person. Therefore, do chambal riverfront online booking carefully.

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