Grand and ancient temples to visit in Kota

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Famous temples to visit in Kota

Kota city has a very old history, many ancient temples were built here whose relation reflects our faith and traditions. Through this article we will tell you about the temples located in Kota Rajasthan. So that you can also come to visit the temples here.

Shriram Mandir Kota Junction

Shri Ram Mandir Railway Station area which comes under Bhimganjmandi police station area. This temple is very huge and beautifully decorated, devotees come here every day to visit Shri Ram Darbar. The beautiful statue of Ram Darbar in the temple gives darshan in such a way that you can get darshan as soon as you enter from the main gate. There is a provision of Anadar Hall in the temple so that you can come comfortably with your family and have darshan of Shri Ram, Mata Sita and brother Lakshman ji with satisfaction.

To visit the temple, if you are coming from Bundi, Baran, Jhalawar or any area of Hadoti, then you will first have to come to Kota Junction Railway Station because Shri Ram Mandir is located on Station Road.

This road is also known as Shri Ram Mandir Road. If you want to come by your personal means like bike or car, then you can take the help of Google Map so that you can reach the temple premises without getting lost. And if you want to come by any bus or auto cab then the drivers will bring you safely to Shri Ram Temple.

Chandresal Math Mahadev Ji Temple built in 10th century

This temple of Mahadev ji is very ancient, this temple was built in the 10th century. This temple is built on the banks of Chandresal river. This temple is built in very ancient style. Shivalingam is present in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple and just as Nandi Maharaj is present in the Kedarnath temple, similarly he is present in this Chandresal Math also. Along with the Garbhagriha temple, there are two more temples in which Shivalingam is also installed.

Ancient statues are installed in the entire monastery courtyard. There is also a temple of Hanuman ji in this courtyard. A big statue of Hanuman ji is present in this temple. You can come here and get darshan. To reach this temple, you will have to come from there on your own because this temple is located in Chandresal village of Kota district.

There is a good arrangement of drinking water at Chandresal Math, but you will have to bring your own food items because there is no shop of any kind here, you can get some facilities in Chandresal village itself.

If you are coming for darshan from Jhalawar, Bundi, then you have to walk on the left hand link road from Nayapura bus stand to Kota Police Line SP office. While walking on this road, you will come across a railway overbridge. After crossing that bridge, walk straight on the road on the right side.

Going ahead on this road, turn left and keep moving ahead. There will be a canal on the road itself, cross it too. Chandresal Road starts from here. There will be a railway under bridge ahead on this road. After crossing it, you will come to a bank ahead and from there you have to turn straight to the right. And keep walking straight and take the second street on the right hand side and you will reach the monastery directly.

You can also take help of Google Map. But many times we get lost in this map, so it is best that if we see any villager, we take information from him. You will also get auto or tempo from Chandresal intersection. Which will take you to the monastery.

Chandresal River also flows below the Chandresal Monastery. This river is also known for its big crocodiles. You will see many crocodiles basking in the sun on the other bank of the river. Don’t make the mistake of going near the river because anything can happen in excitement. There is a platform built under a Neem tree on the shore itself, sit there comfortably, inhale the cool breeze and enjoy the view of the crocodile and the river.

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